Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence in the Classroom and on the Job

Een mooi pleidooi voor gymnasiale vorming waarmee je de leerling (met potentie) uitstekend toerust voor de maatschappij van morgen.

Assessing Psyche, Engaging Gauss, Seeking Sophia

Fluid intelligence is the ability to solve unfamiliar problems using logical reasoning. It requires the effortful control of attention to understand what the problem is and to work toward a logically sound answer. People with high fluid intelligence are able to figure out solutions to problems with very little instruction. Once they have found a good solution to a problem, they are able to see how it might apply to other similar problems. People with low fluid intelligence typically need hands-on, structured instruction to solve unfamiliar problems. Once they have mastered a certain skill or solution to a problem, they may have trouble seeing how it might apply in other situations. That is, their newfound knowledge does not generalize easily to other situations.

— Schneider & McGrew (2013, p. 772)

Gf in the Classroom and on the Job

Crystallized intelligence is acquired knowledge. When people solve important problems for the first time, they typically remember how they did…

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